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Welcome to Camillus Ridge Terrace Assisted Living.

Camillus Ridge Terrace prides itself in offering you choices that allow you to live your life the way you want. Camillus Ridge Terrace Assisted Living Community believes in a simple concept that means you can take comfort in your surroundings, take control of your time and be part of our community.

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At the Camillus Ridge Terrace, we are devoted to meeting the unique needs of each resident.

Resident Care

Licensed Wellness Director on
staff full time.
RN on-site full time.

24/7 Support

24 hour access to
caregiving staff.

Healthy Lifestyle

7 day a week planned

 Private Suites

Modern private suites with full bathroom & shower as well as kitchenette.

Entertainment and Social Events

We pride ourselves with delivering the best quality assisted living services in the area. Not only do we ensure comfortable private rooms, we also offer additional amenities that include private dining, a 1950s style Ice cream parlor, a beauty salon, a game lounge, outdoor gardens and walking paths as well as the opportunity to stay engaged in everyday life at the Terrace. This allows one to live life they way you want.

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Resident Care & Healthy Lifestyle

We offer personalized care to ensure that residents receive individualized assistance. Our Resident Wellness Coordinator, a licensed nurse, who works closely with our Registered nurse, to determine the appropriate level of care for each resident by completing a comprehensive assessment of each resident’s individual abilities and needs. These assessments are reviewed on an ongoing basis as a resident’s condition changes so that a resident’s need and staff assistance are always aligned.

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At the Terrace, we are devoted to meeting the unique needs of each resident.

Trust Our Residents

It is our commitment to enable every person in our community
to live up to their highest practicable well-being.

- Margaret Crowley, Resident

“I have lived at The Terrace for the past 14 months. Everybody is friendly and nice here. It seems good not to worry about stairs and everyone is well cared for. My children found this place for me and I am very happy. I enjoy the food that is prepared for us here, as well as my spacious room. I feel that all my needs are met and I feel safe and secure.”

- A Recent Family Member

“After our many visits with our mom while she resided at The Terrace, our family can attest to the work of the dedicated staff and the quality of care that she received. The team of employees that we interacted with were always responsive and empathetic to our phone calls, inquiries, questions, and concerns as the aging process continues with our dear mom.”

- Daughter of Resident

My mother is already settled in Camillus Ridge Terrace. What I like most about this one is the location, just because all of my family is already out in Camillus, so having her nearby is nice. The residents, when we were touring, all seemed very happy and they have activities happening all the time, so that's huge. They have music pretty much every day, which I know makes my mom happy. They have movie nights. In terms of the general atmosphere, everything is clean, neat, tidy and welcoming. The staff seems attentive. My mom has been there for a month and they all know her by name.

- Esther B.

Your loved ones will find at Camillus Ridge Terrace  a peaceful place they can call home .I have worked there and testify that residents' social and physical needs are met beyond high expectations.

- Previous Resident

At Camillus Ridge Terrace, the people were very nice. The facility looked nice; the bedrooms didn't seem like hospitals. They were a little bit homier and a little bit less institutionalized.

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